The Paul Brothers are being tempted by a boxing legend, we are talking about Mike Tyson, the same one who bite off a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear. But this fight will not be as different as the others, Mike Tyson clearly said that condition number one is a big bag of money.

Tyson was making some comments in an interview for Hotboxin 'hosted by Freddie Gibbs, the interview was posted on YouTube and multiple news sites began reporting that Mike Tyson was interested in fighting one of the Paul brothers.

In one of the questions that Gibbs asked during the interview he told Tyson about fights with famous people, he indicated to Tyson his disagreement with those types of fights, which were only for money to which Tyson responded:

“Well, that’s the money fight. Those are the fights that make the money. Those guys have 75 million people watching them”. 

Mike Tyson picks Logan Paul as his possible rival in a fight.

During the interview various boxing topics were touched on but an important part of the interview was when Gibbs asked if Tyson would like to fight one of the Paul brothers. Mike Tyson's response was quick and direct:

“Hell yeah. They would, that would be a lot of money”

In addition to showing interest in a fight with the Paul brothers, he was very clear in saying that of the Paul brothers his favorite is Logan since he was the one who fought against Mayweather. Tyson also considers Logan Paul to be the more experienced boxer of the two.

The main condition of the fight, apart from being against Logan Paul, is that the payment must be close to $100m, as Tyson said in the interview with Gibbs on Hotboxin':

“$100 million bucks? They’ll do anything”.