Don Mattingly and Kevin Cash have been named managers of the year in the National League and American League, respectively, after having terrific seasons with their teams in the 2020 MLB season

Mattingly took the Miami Marlins to the postseason, beating the Chicago Cubs in the Wild Card series before getting swept by the surprising Atlanta Braves the following round. 

As for Cash, we all know he took the Tampa Bay Rays, with one of the lowest budgets in the league, to compete, win the American League and take the Los Angeles Dodgers to play six games in the World Series

It was a great season for Cash and even though he made some questionable choices in the World Series, nobody can deny he did a great job with the Rays. 

MLB fans react to Mattingly and Cash’s selections

Even though Mattingly did a good job, most fans showed their disagreement with the decision of naming him NL Manager of the Year. They took to Twitter to express their opinion about the 59-year-old. 

On the other hand, Cash’s selection did draw a couple of comments calling him out for his decisions during the World Series, but most fans were happy that he won the award, knowing the team he had and all the good things he did with the tools they gave him. 

These decisions will always bring controversy and this one wasn’t the exception. These men did a good job with their teams and nothing can take that away from them.