The 2022 World Series are finally here and, as baseball's prime event, there are a lot of questions regarding the Fall Classic. Naturally, one of them is how many baseballs are used during a game. That's one of the toughest things to answer considering every aspect of this marvelous sport. Home runs, pitching changes, foul balls, balls which have touched the dirt, baseballs used during warm-ups, etc. 

If baseballs are at least replaced every five or six pitches, then we're in for a treat. To get this number, it's not only about calculating the possible baseballs at the stadiums, but, every situation in which a new one might come. It's simply an amazing endeavour for experts and fans!

So, if you're ready to find out how many baseballs are used during a game, of course there is a possible answer and a lot of numbers. In this article, you'll find out all of them as we enjoy the World Series

World Series 2022: How many baseballs are used in a game?

Although there isn't an exact number of baseballs used during a game, the average is between 85 and 115 balls. According to many players, managers, coaches and staff, the maximum baseballs used in a game should be around 120 or 125. Still, this a stat which is not officially recorded during the MLB regular season or the World Series.

In recent years, considering this probable average per game, more than 250 000 thousand baseballs are deployed in an entire year. We have to realize that there'e simply not a limit for baseballs. It's not only the home runs or the fouls, but, for example, if a pitcher is not comfortable, he can ask for a new baseball if he wants to. Also, remember every inning starts with a new baseball. That's why the umpires carry 10 or 12 in their bags during the innings and then, if necessary, they refill. 

Throughout the years, thousands of fans wonder about what happens to a baseball when it's not useful anymore. What if the ball has dirt or if it was simply discarded by the umpire? One thing is clear: baseballs like that are not reusable. So, in many cases, the team might just give them away to fans, sell the balls for future use (practice sessions maybe) or tag them as memorabilia (considering the importance of the game).