Jamal Murray and the Denver Nuggets had a very tough night against the inspired Washington Wizards, losing a very close game with a 112-110 final result. The host team had the chance to win the game in the last seconds but they blew it. 

This is ironic knowing that the Nuggets made two teams blow 3-1 leads in the Orlando bubble and now they were the ones missing a big opportunity to win a game that was very winnable, regardless of the Wizards’ current form. 

As he drove to the basket, Murray stopped right behind the arc, waiting for teammates or trying to take care of business by himself. Well, he was ready to make a 3-pointer to win the game but was surrounded by defenders. There were three more players besides him but Murray made a late pass to Facundo Campazzo and the Argentinian couldn’t make the shot. 

Jamal Murray throws massive shade at his teammates after failed game-winning fast-break 

This was a very controversial play that could have been finished in a very different way. He had the chance to attack the rim or set one of his teammates for the 3-pointer or the layup, too. Murray took to Twitter after the game and made one comment that was believed to be a shot at his teammates for standing still instead of helping him out. 

The Denver Nuggets were expected to have a better record at this point in the season but things have been very different for them. Yes, Nikola Jokic is considered an MVP candidate right now but that alone hasn’t been enough for them to have a better ranking in the Western Conference. 

If they start throwing shade at each other, things will get a lot harder for the Nuggets if they want to reach the playoffs and go as deep as they went last season, playing in the Western Conference Finals.