The Sixers may have not ended last year’s playoffs as expected, but that’s part of the past now. Philadelphia heads into the 2022-23 NBA season with championship aspirations, or at least hoping to have a deeper run than in previous years.

Though the addition of James Harden didn’t pay off so far, the front office is optimistic that the preseason will help the Beard rediscover his true self. If he does get back to his best, it will be great news for Joel Embiid.

The big man has been posting incredible numbers in the last couple of seasons, but somehow the team failed to keep up with his level – especially when it mattered the most. Now the expectations are high, but Embiid warned the 76ers still have plenty of work to do.

Joel Embiid gets real on 76ers championship hopes 

“We got a long way to go,” Embiid said, via Fadeaway World. We’re not where we want to. Obviously, new guys, basically a new team so it’s gonna take a while for everybody to get on the same page. I think we got a good foundation to build on it and get better every single day.

“Defensively, obviously, we have our moments, but we need to be solid throughout the whole game. Then offensively, keep moving the ball, getting guys open, me doing my thing, James (Harden) getting everybody shots all around, but it all goes back to ball movement and defensively, just gotta be on for 48 minutes.”

Embiid has a fair point, it’s way too soon to talk about a championship. On paper, the Sixers look prepared to dominate the East. But the challenging part will be to prove that on the court throughout the year.