Some claim that the 'Superteam Era' has hurt the NBA. Others believe that watching the best players teaming up to win an NBA championship is good for business, for the show, and even for the sport. 

Whatever the case, some players have often drawn criticism for teaming up with other All-Stars to win rings. LeBron James and Kevin Durant headline that list, although they're not the only ones.

Recently, James ignited some interesting rumors about a potential new superteam. He admitted that he would love to play with Stephen Curry, even though they've been big rivals for most of their careers.

LeBron James Says He Wants To Play With Stephen Curry

"Steph Curry is the one that I would want to play with, for sure, in today's game," James said on HBO's The Shop. "I love everything about that guy. Lethal. When he gets out of his car, you'd better guard him right from the moment he pulls up to the arena."


Curry Feels Flattered, But That Ain't Happening

When asked about it, Curry couldn't help to feel flattered. Then again, he pretty much snubbed James and shut down all the rumors, stating that there's no way that's going to happen in real life:

"That is phenomenal, when did he say that, was that on 'The Shop'?,"Curry said a couple of days ago. "Well, he got his wish. He's picked me the last two All-Star games so I don't know if that suffices, but I'm good right now."

"Whenever you get the interest or curiosity of what it would be like to play with arguably MVP caliber dude like he is, one of the greatest of all-time, cool. It's amazing, we all can live in the fantasy world," Steph added.

Steph Doubles Down: He Doesn't Want To Play With LeBron

The media insisted and kept pushing Curry to submit a formal answer to LeBron's plea. Notably, the three-time NBA champion didn't hesitate to state that it just wasn't a real possibility:

“Okay, if you take a fantasy draft and like building a team and you have what Bron can do and the way I can shoot the ball like obviously there is a curiosity, what would that look like? But also there is realism, that is why I said, I’m good right now. But if this was 2K, that be pretty legal," Curry concluded.

The Warriors won't deal with the backlash that comes with making a run at LeBron, nor he'll take a pay cut to play with them. And Curry ain't leaving the Dubs in his lifetime, so stop it already.