The Los Angeles Lakers entered the season as the reigning champions. Even though the NBA had the shortest offseason ever, they were still talking about what to do to win back-to-back championships.

As it usually happens with big fanbases, most people around the web were already talking about how the Lakers would be the new dynasty and how they would win multiple rings in a row even before they played a single game.

Then, they had to endure one of their toughest seasons in recent history, as they could never stay healthy and both LeBron James and Anthony Davis were forced to sit for multiple weeks due to injuries.

The Lakers couldn't get back on track in time for the playoffs and had to face an up-and-coming Phoenix Suns team that won 51 games this season. Needless to say, the outcome was far from what they expected.

Phoenix Suns Take Down The Champions: Funniest Memes And Reactions

The Suns just needed six games to take down the reigning champions and they could've gotten the job done earlier if it wasn't for Chris Paul's nagging shoulder injury. Obviously, that humiliating first-round exit prompted plenty of hilarious memes and reactions on social media.

All jokes aside, the Suns were just the better team. Not only during the series but throughout the season. People slept on them and thought a banged-up LeBron and Davis duo could take them down, and - obviously - that wasn't the case.

The Lakers need to make the most of this long layoff to get back on track. They need to get healthy and plan ahead to next season, especially considering that some of their core pieces will be free agents.

As for the Suns, it seems like this could finally be their year. They're deep, strong, play solid defense, knock down shots, and have an all-time great running their offense, so it's time we start giving them some credit.