The Boston Celtics are trying to win their first championship since 2008 and only the second one in a span of almost four decades. Last year, they were really close after losing the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors.

However, head coach Ime Udoka was suspended following a huge controversy off the court and Joe Mazzulla took over. The Celtics posted a 57-25 record and ended as the No.2 seed in the Eastern Conference.

Now, the Celtics are in the middle of a thrilling series facing Jimmy Butler and the Heat. It could end up being an instant classic in the NBA. Read here to find out what happens if Boston lose to Miami.

NBA playoffs: What happens if the Celtics lose against the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals?

If the Celtics lose to the Heat in the playoffs, Boston will be officially eliminated. Then, as the champions of the East, Miami would advance to the NBA Finals and their next rival would be the Denver Nuggets.

In case the Heat beat the Celtics, there’s no other scenario for Miami. Next Thursday, they will go to Denver in a blockbuster matchup between Jimmy Butler and Nikola Jokic.

Considering the Heat were the No.8 seed in the Eastern Conference, if Miami advance, the Nuggets will have home-field advantage in the NBA Finals. In case the Celtics win tonight, Game 7 is scheduled for next Monday at Boston.