Lamar Jackson is ready to play in another NFL playoffs with his Baltimore Ravens, who didn’t have a regular season as magical as the one they had in 2019. The young quarterback is set to take his team to the promised land but the job won’t be easy for them. 

Jackson’s detractors have always stated that he’s unable to win in the postseason and this is the best opportunity to prove his worth in the league and demonstrate he can actually lead his squad to have a deep run. 

Last year was magical for the player but this one he doesn’t have as many expectations as before. However, he knows that this playoff will be very important for his career. One NFL analyst has explained why Jackson is under big pressure this season, even more than other quarterbacks in the league. 

NFL analyst says Lamar Jackson is under more pressure than Josh Allen 

Former NFL star-turned-analyst Emmanuel Acho reflected on Jackson’s career, explaining that he’s done anything he could in the NFL, individually speaking, and now it’s time to demonstrate he can lead his Ravens to the championship. 

“He rushed for 1000 yards twice, he led the NFL in passing touchdowns won an MVP unanimous MVP second all-time as far as win percentage through a quarterback’s first 37 starts since 1950 so Lamar Jackson has already accomplished everything you can accomplish individually in the regular season, what has Lamar Jackson not accomplished,” said the NFL analyst.

Lamar Jackson is under more pressure than Josh Allen 

Acho also said that given Jackson’s impressive résumé so far, he is under more pressure than Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen, who took his game to the next level this season. The Bills are one of the favorite teams to win the Super Bowl this year, but nothing won’t happen if they don’t reach their goal. 

“Lamar Jackson’s under more pressure because he has already checked off so many boxes and Josh Allen is still yet to check off,” said the analyst.

“We got to see Lamar Jackson. Hey, what can you do in the Playoffs? We’ve seen what you can do in the regular season, but it’s time now to see what kind of noise you can make in those Playoffs.”

The NFL postseason is set to be a very entertaining one. A lot of teams will try to compete for the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy and Jackson will try to sign his name on that incredible list of NFL champions, just like Patrick Mahomes did last year with the Chiefs.