The Cowboys want the upcoming 2022 NFL season to be the winner for them, and by winner they mean winning a Super Bowl after so many failed attempts where the team is eliminated in the postseason after playing a good regular season.

Dak Prescott has a star-studded roster, good offensive and defensive line players, but the team needs more offensive power than anything else. A pair of wide receivers would be in handy to help Prescott during the upcoming season.

The Cowboys are unlikely to trade during the draft, they are focused on getting the most out of each pick. But there is a lot of talent in the draft, some players will be good for a couple of seasons while others will possibly play for a long time with the franchise.

What picks do the cowboys have in 2022?

The Cowboys have six picks for this year's Draft, with most players expected to be drafted for the offensive line. So far the most expensive player is Tyler Smith with a signing bonus of $6,917,543. A player like him is one of the perfect additions the offensive line needs.

Cowboys NFL Draft Picks 2022 (Updated: 11:08 PM 04/30/2022))
Round Pick Player Name Position School Signing Bonus
1 24 Tyler Smith OT Tulsa $6,917,543
2 56 Sam Williams DE Ole Miss $1,706,720
3 88 Jalen Tolbert  WR South Alabama $912,991
4 129 Jake Ferguson  TW Wisconsin $704,883
5 155 Matt Waletzko  OT North Dakota $323,491
5 167 DaRon Bland CB Fresno State $304,787
5 176 Damone Clark  LB LSU $242,551
5 178 John Ridgeway  DT Arkansas $242,551
6 193 Devin Harper  LB Oklahoma State $177,518

The cheapest picks are usually good players who stand out to earn a starting position on the roster and if the Cowboys are smart they can find a couple of players in the last round worth more than their signing bonus.