Lamar Jackson and his Baltimore Ravens are entering another NFL postseason this weekend. Even though they don’t have the same record they had last season, Jackson still has things to prove this campaign and this postseason will be very important for him. 

He has failed to deliver in the last two playoffs and now things are bigger for him. The Ravens aren’t favorites to win anything and that could be beneficial for him and the team. Jackson needs to prove his worth in the league and this year presents a big opportunity for him. 

Jackson is ready to prove doubters wrong and there is one person that believes he can do a good job this postseason when nobody has high expectations for him or his team. He’s not the same 2019 NFL MVP but Lamar can still make some noise in the league. 

Former NFL player tips Lamar Jackson to lead the Ravens to a deep playoff run 

Former Minnesota Vikings man Nate Burleson talked about the things that can happen for the young player this offseason, as he enters yet another postseason with the Ravens. He’s not expected to do big things after his last two playoff games but Jackson has something different in mind. That said, Burleson backed the QB in a recent edition of GMFB. 

“Lamar Jackson, a few years into his career. He’s already been to the playoffs. This is going to be his third time. So I know there’s this narrative, right? Can he win the big game? He’s proved that throughout his career in the regular season, but last year was a little bit different. I’ll give them a pass and I’ll criticise Lamar Jackson when he’s playing bad. I’ll criticize Lamar Jackson when I put the team on his back. He’s not playing like the MVP.”

“But for me, I just feel like they have all of their tools at their disposal. This is a lot different than what happened last year. There are teams that will be the same team we saw last playoffs, and then there are teams that will be completely different. What I’m saying is the Lamar Jackson-led Ravens will be a completely different squad,” Burleson said on the show.

It remains to be seen how things will develop for Jackson and the Ravens, but not everybody thinks he will have a bad game this weekend and not everybody is rooting for him to fail. It’s time for Jackson to show something different in an AFC that will present a lot of big rivals for the young quarterback.