JJ Watt will be a free man this spring, ending his tenure with the struggling Houston Texans after spending his entire career with the team. This seems to be a common practice around the NFL in recent days, as this was exactly what happened with Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions

The NFC team ended up sending the quarterback to Los Angeles, where he joined the Rams in exchange for Jared Goff. However, the situation will be different for the 3x Defensive Player of the Year, as he will become a free agent and will have the chance to select where he’ll play next. 

Watt is set to test the waters of free agency and the bets for his new team have been already published, with five teams with the biggest chance to take one of the best and most dominant defensive players in the NFL for some time now. 

Five teams are considered favorites to land JJ Watt this offseason 

The Pittsburgh Steelers are seen as the biggest favorites to acquire the player, according to BetOnline. Curiously, Watt’s brother TJ and Derek play in Pittsburgh so that could be a very appealing option for the player. 

In the second place, we can find the current NFL champions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+200), who could bolster their D with the arrival of JJ. The Green Bay Packers are third on the odds, getting +500 odds to receive the player. With Watt being a Milwaukee native, the Packers could have a very good chance to land him. 

This top 5 is closed by the Baltimore Ravens (+700) and the Dallas Cowboys (+1000) but these options aren’t seen as likely as the first three, obviously. Watt is a great player, one of the best defensive footballers ever and he won’t miss suitors when free agency arrives. 

It remains to be seen what team is going to lure him after spending the most successful part of his career with the Texans, enchanting fans with his talents on defense and becoming a nightmare for quarterbacks.