Lamar Jackson and Baltimore Ravens are ready to face Buffalo Bills this weekend in the NFL Divisional round. The 2019 NFL MVP finally won his first game in the postseason last weekend and he’s not planning to leave the competition so easily. 

Jackson doesn’t have the same pressure he had last season and that could be beneficial for him. The quarterback will try to keep his good pace in the playoffs but the Bills will have more than one factor in their favor. 

When he enters the field, Jackson will be playing under new conditions. That will be a new challenge for him, but the player isn’t afraid of that. He grew up in Florida and going to Buffalo to play, at this season, won’t be easy. 

Lamar Jackson could play in the snow for the first time vs Bills 

Talking to the media, Jackson recently revealed this will be the first time he will play with snow. He’s not afraid of it, but Jackson would prefer to see sunny weather than snow covering the field. 

“I never got to play in the snow, except my first time seeing snow in Louisville, but we had a snowball fight, so that’s totally different from playing in it,” Jackson said, via ESPN.

“Yeah, that definitely will be my first time playing football in the snow Saturday. If it does. Hopefully, it doesn’t,” Lamar added.

This game will see two talented quarterbacks, two great head coaches and two squads that can do a lot of things on the field. The snow could play in favor of the Bills. Lamar will try to change that and give their team a valuable win to continue their journey to the Super Bowl. 

They know the challenge will be huge, they know the rival won’t be easy but they’re confident they can get the job done. Jackson is a very talented quarterback and perhaps his victory over the Titans is just what he needed to have a deep playoff run with his team.