Lamar Jackson starred in a very curious moment on Monday night when he left the Baltimore Ravens-Cleveland Browns game due to mysterious reasons. Jackson left the game for a bit to go to the bathroom in the middle of the game.

Even though he claimed he was just suffering from cramps, everybody is convinced that he was in the bathroom doing something that nobody else can do for him. Lamar made the headlines for the wrong reasons at the start of the week and it’s time to clear the air (no pun intended) for the current NFL MVP. 

Although the biggest moment of the night happened when the 23-year-old left the gridiron, he had a terrific game for the team, doing something that nobody else could have done in the past. He broke an NFL record during his last game and everybody was talking about his poop incident. 

Lamar Jackson incredibly broke an NFL record during the infamous 'Toilet Bowl' 

Jackson had a terrific game that night and even though it was overlooked thanks to his off-field antics, the player broke an NFL record. Dan Cancian of Newsweek revealed that Jackson recorded his fourth career game with a QBR of 99.0 or higher. 

The reigning NFL MVP completed 11 of his 17 passes for 163 yards and one touchdown and finished with a total quarterback rating of 99.5, his fourth career game with a QBR of at least 99.0—the most of any starting quarterback since the metric was first recorded 15 years ago.

Jackson was on another level that night and his Ravens earned a hard-fought 47-42 win over their divisional rivals. Lamar hasn’t been the same player he was last season but he’s trying to get closer to that level once again. 

The Ravens will try to put some pressure on the Steelers and Browns and that victory has put them closer to their goal.