The 2023 NFL season is just around the corner, and the Detroit Lions really want to live up to the expectations. For that reason, Dan Campbell, the team’s head coach, has made a delusional request to the league to increase their home advantage.

To everybody’s surprise, the Lions are seen as true contenders this year. According to oddsmakers, Detroit is favored to win the NFC North, and they are just behind the Eagles, Cowboys, and 49ers in the race for the Conference title and a spot in Super Bowl LVIII.

Dan Campbell doesn’t really like to be tagged as a favorite. However, there’s not much he can do but to live up to the expectations by building a highly competitive squad that will hopefully lead to success.

Dan Campbells makes delusional request to the NFL about Lions’ home games

Mascots have been part of the NFL for a long time, but not live ones. Dan Campbell wanted to change this and become the first team in the league to have one.

Campbell requested the league to have a live lion on the sideline during Detroit’s home games. The head coach talked with the team’s owner Sheila Ford Hamp about the idea and, even though she was ok with it, the problem was with the league.

“Sheila, she had no problem with it, but the league apparently frowns upon those types of things,” Campbell said in an interview with the ‘Pardon My Take’ podcast.“I’m not gonna point out Roger [Goodell] on this. I’m just gonna say that the league frowns on that. Let’s just say that.”