The Miami Dolphins have built a roster to fight for the Super Bowl. After a promising first season by Mike McDaniel as head coach, the franchise is ready to take the next step against contenders in the AFC like the Kansas City Chiefs or the Cincinnati Bengals.

Last year, the Dolphins clinched a last-minute playoff berth and almost eliminated the Bills at Buffalo playing with a third string quarterback. Thanks to the arrival of names such as Jalen Ramsey, Miami could be one of the biggest threats in the NFL.

However, the Miami Dolphins might not be done and Dalvin Cook could be a real chance at running back. Read here to find out what Mike McDaniel had to say about that possibility.

Mike McDaniel’s incredible reaction about Dalvin Cook

Mike McDaniel was asked during a press conference if the Miami Dolphins are interested in Dalvin Cook after he was released by the Vikings. The answer by the head coach was kind of weird, but, one thing was clear. He won’t give the media any hint about the subject.

“March 3rd, 1983. The day I was born. Now we take a closer look at that date. That in fact was not yesterday. So, people that are rumored to be tall, short. People that are rumored to be…you know…you’re not gonna get this guy. I’m Year 2.”

So, even with that strange response, McDaniel’s message was of total silence regarding Dalvin Cook. However, according to many reports, the running back could make a big splash with the Miami Dolphins.

Dalvin Cook has been one of the best players at the position in the NFL during the last years. In six seasons with Minnesota, he made the Pro Bowl four times and also had four straight 1000-yard seasons.