For the 2022 NFL season, Carolina decided to include Baker Mayfield as its new quarterback. Unfortunately, things have not been the best for him, with an injury that could sit him in the next weeks, but the Browns are more worried about it than the Panthers themselves.

Baker Mayfield arrived in the 2022 offseason with high hopes on his shoulders for what he could do for Carolina. He won the fight against Sam Darnold for the starting quarterback role, but he has not been in the best shape to prove what he is capable of.

After five weeks of the 2022 season, the Panthers are at the bottom of the NFC South with a 1-4 record. Now, it seems like he will miss some games due to an injury, but there is a team more worried about it than the Panthers.

Baker Mayfield's injury: Why are the Browns more worried about it?

After Cam Newton's era, the Panthers seeked for a quarterback that could take the offense. After a long search, they found two: Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold, but it was the first the one who won the race for the starting job.

Even though he has been unable to succeed and prove they were right about him, it seems like they were going to give him more time to try it. Unfortunately, an injury might leave him out from the fields, but the Browns are the ones more worried about it than the Panthers themselves.

According to Ian Rapoport, NFL Insider, Baker Mayfield suffered a high-ankle sprain in Sunday's game. This could lead to him missing some games, which also could affect the Browns.

In the trade between the Panthers and the Browns for Mayfield, they agreed that the quarterback must play in 70% of Carolina’s offensive snaps this season in case Cleveland wants a fourth-round pick in 2024 from the NFC team.

With him probably missing the Week 5 game against the LA Rams, it seems like Phillip Walker will be the starting quarterback for Carolina. If he has a good performance, this could create more doubts on Mayfield's starting role and could get him a backup job for the rest of the season.