The craziest part of the quarterback carousel seems to have passed, with most of teams already knowing who will be behind center when the 2022 NFL regular season gets underway. However, some signal-callers are still waiting to know what's next for them.

Baker Mayfield seems to have his days numbered in Cleveland, but the Browns have struggled to find a trade partner thus far. His performances went downhill last season and the team made its priorities clear by trading for Deshaun Watson this year.

Meanwhile, it also looks like a matter of time before Jimmy Garoppolo leaves San Francisco, as the 49ers are prepared to give the reins to 2021 first-round pick Trey Lance. Fortunately, Jimmy G and Mayfield may still have an opportunity to start for another NFL team in 2022.

Report: Panthers could still be interested in Baker Mayfield or Jimmy Garoppolo

The Panthers are one of the few teams whose quarterback situation is still a bit unclear. While the Sam Darnold experience didn't go as expected last year, it may be too soon for rookie quarterback Matt Corral to win the job.

Fowler said on SportsCenter on Sunday that the Panthers are still "essentially looking for veteran quarterback help," which makes sense given that Darnold might not be the experienced quarterback Corral needs to learn from.

They would like somebody else; that’s why the Baker Mayfield situation, Jimmy Garoppolo might not be completely dead at this point," Fowler said, via AHN Fire Digital. "And so it certainly seems [Sam Darnold] is the favorite to start. They know Matt Corral is a bit of a project, a little like Malik Willis, because of the offense he came from in Ole Miss. He’s going to need some time to learn the nuances of the NFL game, but they love the talent. So, he could at least make this interesting for sure.”

Mayfield or Garoppolo wouldn't be a bad fit for Carolina, but their respective teams will probably need to lower their demands. It's not like the Panthers are desperate to land a quarterback either, as they can simply rely on Darnold or Corral if the Browns or Niners refuse to lower their asking price.