After Tom Brady left the team last year and signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the New England Patriots started a struggling journey to remain competitive in the AFC. That didn’t happen in the end and they were 3rd in their division after one season with Cam Newton as their signal-caller. 

Now they’re once again without a talented quarterback but that has opened plenty of doors for the team. They have been linked with Deshaun WatsonMarcus Mariota and were linked with Matthew Stafford at some point. Yet, we don’t know but they could even try to make a move for Russell Wilson if he decides to leave the Seattle Seahawks. 

Moreover, one analyst explained that they could take a look at one player who already wore their jersey and did it very well and a reunion with the Pats wouldn’t be crazy. While Cam Newton is still on the radar of the team, there are more names they should pay attention to. 

ESPN analyst says Patriots could reunite with Jimmy Garoppolo 

During a recent edition of ESPN’s “First Take,” Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith were debating about the chances of the Patriots to land a star quarterback this offseason. While Stephen A. said they should keep Newton, Kellerman made the case for Jimmy Garoppolo and a return to Foxborough. 

“I believe Jimmy G’s gonna be available. I think Bill Belichick values Jimmy Garoppolo,” Kellerman said. “I think this (Tom) Brady-Belichick thing is not over, although Brady’s in a big lead right now. And I think that Garoppolo, when you consider the money — it’s not what the premier quarterbacks make; it was really more of an upper-middle-class contract than an elite kind of contract. And Garoppolo does the thing that Belichick really likes from his quarterback: He gets the ball out quickly.

“I think there’s a very good chance, if I had to guess, that Jimmy G is the Patriots’ starter this year.”

Let’s remember that Jimmy G had to replace Tom Brady during the season he was suspended for the deflategate controversy and the player did it very well until he went down with an injury. He was expected to be the QB of the future for this franchise but with Brady playing the way he played and is still playing, Garoppolo wasn’t happy in New England. 

He was shipped to San Francisco and the 49ers actually reached the Super Bowl with him as their leader. He missed the entire 2020/21 season with an injury and recent reports suggested the 29-year-old player could be involved in a trade for Deshaun Watson. 

Another option for him, if somehow the Niners decide they don’t need him anymore, is to go to New England and have his revenge without Brady being around. That would be huge for both parties but it’s still unclear how they would make this work. But hey, when Bill Belichick wants something, he uses every available resource to get it.