The 2023 NFL season is already in its second half, and as the playoffs approach, five teams, including the Kansas City Chiefs, are considered true contenders for Super Bowl LVIII.

There’s no doubt that the Chiefs have built a very competitive team in recent years. Led by Patrick Mahomes, the AFC West squad has won two Super Bowls since the quarterback’s arrival in 2017, but they don’t want to stop there.

The reigning champions, once again, are the favorites to win Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, Nevada, next year. However, four other teams are also considered contenders to steal the crown from them.

Ranking the top five teams to win the Super Bowl LVIII

Despite their stumbling start this year, the Chiefs are still considered favorites to lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy this season. Kansas City has been a remarkable team recently, and fans are eager for another moment of joy soon.

However, there are other clubs eager to steal their crown. Several teams have made their mark this year, with formidable franchises in both conferences that could pose a threat to the Chiefs.

According to ESPN’s stats, the Chiefs have a 19% chance of winning Super Bowl LVIII. Following closely are the Philadelphia Eagles, the current runners-up, with an 18% chance.

The rest of the top five consists of the Baltimore Ravens with a 15% chance, the San Francisco 49ers with a 14% chance, and the Miami Dolphins, who experience a notable drop with a 9% chance.

In the 6th place, the Dallas Cowboys have a 7% chance, according to the stats, of lifting the Vince Lombardi trophy this year. However, there are still some games left to improve those numbers and enter the playoffs with better possibilities.

It’s worth noting that despite their good form, teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Detroit Lions, both boasting a 6-2 record, don’t even make the cut among the top five contenders to win the upcoming Super Bowl.

Which teams have never won a Super Bowl?

Several NFL franchises, including the Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, and Carolina Panthers, have never secured a Super Bowl victory. Despite reaching the championship game, the Cardinals fell short in Super Bowl XLIII, the Falcons faced a heartbreaking loss in Super Bowl LI, and the Panthers couldn’t clinch the title in Super Bowl XXXVIII.

Other franchises that have never won a Super Bowl include the Bengals, Vikings, Bills, Chargers, Titans, Browns, Lions, Texans, and Jaguars. Let’s see which of them breaks this streak first.

SURVEY Will the Chiefs get back-to-back Super Bowl victories this year?

Will the Chiefs get back-to-back Super Bowl victories this year?