The NFL is constantly striving to expand its global audience and cater to its international fans. Now, the league is exploring the possibility of hosting a game in a new country in 2024, and it’s neither Brazil nor Canada.

In recent times, the National Football League has ramped up its efforts to expand its fanbase, which includes reaching audiences beyond the United States. Numerous countries have shown a keen interest in football, and the NFL aims to offer them games each year.

Currently, England hosts the highest number of NFL games each season. Nevertheless, the league is determined to broaden its horizons, which is why they are seriously contemplating the idea of introducing football to a new country.

Report: NFL targets European country as new possible host for a regular-season game

Every year, the NFL carefully analyzes which countries should be selected to host regular-season games. This task is no easy feat, as the league must make strategic choices to ensure that the venues are consistently sold out, regardless of the game being played.

In its efforts of expanding, the NFL is now targeting a new country to host a game in 2024. Despite the large audiences coming from Brazil and Canada, the league has decided to take football to Spain, per Football Zebras.

According to reports, the league would use Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu stadium as possible venue for a game in 2024. However, if the renovations are not finished by then, they would consider the Metropolitano stadium, home of Atletico de Madrid, for the match.

Which teams would play in Spain in 2024?

There are not any rumors yet, but the Miami Dolphins or the Chicago Bears could be the ones selected to play in Spain in 2024, as both teams have the international marketing rights in this country.