Patrick Mahomes won his second consecutive Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs thanks to an epic 25-22 victory in overtime against the San Francisco 49ers.

Although Andy Reid and the Chiefs’ offense were held to only three points in the first half, they erased a double-digit deficit just as it happened in Miami four years ago.

Now, Mahomes has three Vince Lombardi trophies in the NFL and is definitely the heir of Tom Brady. However, the big question is if he could be greater than the former quarterback of the New England Patriots.

Who is statistically better between Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady?

Right now, in early stages of their careers, Patrick Mahomes has a huge advantage almost in every key category to determine who is the greatest player of all time between him and Tom Brady.

From 2018 to 2023, Mahomes has a 15-3 record in the playoffs with four Super Bowl appearances and 3 wins in the big game. Of course, we cannot forget that amazing record of six straight seasons reaching at least the AFC Championship Game.

Meanwhile, from 2001 until 2013, Tom Brady had 18 wins and 8 losses in the playoffs. The legend of the Patriots conquered three Lombardi trophies in five Super Bowl appearances and reached the AFC Championship Game eight times.

At first sight, Mahomes has the edge in winning percentage during the playoffs, but Brady holds more appearances in Super Bowl and conference championship games.

Tiebreakers between Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady

However, Patrick Mahomes achieved all this in a span of just six years, while Tom Brady’s numbers in this comparison reflect the first 13 seasons of his career. A massive difference on pace.

The big problem for Mahomes is that Brady currently holds two of the biggest tiebreakers if we look at his full career. Seven Super Bowl wins and a 2-0 record head-to-head in the playoffs. Nevertheless, in the first stages of their career, there’s a clear advantage for Patrick.

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Who is the greatest quarterback of all time?