Fans can't wait for what's coming up next in November. Qatar 2022 is starting soon and those who will travel to the host country are already searching where they will sit in each game, but some are thinking they got scammed by FIFA when buying tickets for the World Cup.

Since FIFA announced the first sale for the fans to get tickets for Qatar 2022, everyone was hyped about going to the World Cup. In some cases, it was a 'blind' purchase as they didn't know which games they were buying entrances for.

Of course for some fans this investment was huge and they spent part of their life savings to go to the World Cup. Unfortunately, as the competition approaches, people are starting to think they got scammed by the organizers themselves.

Qatar 2022: Fans are starting to think FIFA scammed them when purchasing tickets

Buying tickets for a FIFA World Cup has never been easy. The demand for entrances is huge and the organizers know it, so they try to do their best to be fair with all the fans.

Since the first sale, FIFA announced that there would be an order in which fans would be able to advance and get tickets. But of course, not everyone could get even one and had to wait for the next opportunities.

As said before, FIFA made a 'blind' sale where fans could buy tickets for games, but didn't know which they were. It was a tricky purchase as people could get the match they were searching for or one that they don't.

The organizers also divided the tickets: Category 1, Category 2, Category 3 and Category 4. "Category 1 seats being the highest priced and located in prime areas within the stadium," says FIFA official website.

But now, Category 1 fans think they got scammed big time. One would presume that, if you are spending more money than the other categories, you would have the best seats in the stadium, and even FIFA says it with the phrase "located in prime areas".

Unfortunately, this situation didn't happen. Some fans, when searching for their Category 1 seats, realized that they are very far from the pitch and not near as the "prime area" phrase presumes.

For example, in the match between Argentina and Mexico in the Group Stage, fans are mad because their Category 1 tickets are located in the furthest zone of the stadium, almost at the top of it.

FIFA has not given an explanation to this situation, but there must be. Category 1 ticket-holders are not very happy with the organizers and some are complaining about it in social media, but surely when they arrive to the stadium they will also ask for answers.

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