The wait proved to be worth it as the 2021 Gold Cup has exceeded expectations in a tournament for the ages. The United States ended up claiming all glory at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, but the competition left many more takeaways.

From the champions to the revelation Qatar, the Gold Cup has seen a number of teams and players stealing the show for the last few weeks. Some of the names who starred in the tournament were already renowned, while others seized the chance to make a name for themselves.

With the competition already behind us, Concacaf reflected on the most notable performances from the 2021 Gold Cup and revealed its best XI.

Concacaf announces Best XI of 2021 Gold Cup

It has been a fantastic journey for the hosts, who secured the trophy at home with lots of youngsters in their squad. Additionally, they did it against lifelong rivals Mexico, where some players have stood out despite their team’s result.

When we talk about the revelations of the 2021 Gold Cup, we must mention Qatar and Canada. Both of them were close to making it to the tournament decider and have deservedly won recognition despite coming up short in the semis.

Costa Rica and Jamaica have also put on an entertaining show during the group stage and have seen some of theirs making it into the team of the tournament. Click here to see the 2021 Gold Cup best XI by Concacaf.