Even in the worst of times, Manchester United managed to attract a world class player like Casemiro. The Brazilian defensive midfielder, considered by many the best in his position, was in paradise at Real Madrid.

He just came from a successful season in which he won his fifth UEFA Champions League title as well as LaLiga with the Spanish giants, while the Premier League club wasn't giving any sign of resurgence.

United's woes seemed to persist despite Erik ten Haag's hiring, with the team getting to a slow start to the 2022-23 campaign. However, it turned out that one of their worst defeats actually worked to persuade Casemiro.

The brutal Man Utd loss that made up Casemiro's mind

The hype around ten Haag's arrival didn't last long, since United lost to Brighton in the season opener at Old Trafford. But only a week later, the outlook got even worse as the Red Devils were destroyed 4-0 by Brentford in London.

Curiously, it was during that game that Casemiro, watching the action on TV, apparently decided to join the struggling United team. "Tell them I'll fix them," Casemiro texted his agent, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Only a few months later, life is much nicer for United. The team got back on track in the Premier League, currently fighting for Champions League spots, while advancing to the EFL Cup semifinals.