Weston McKennie to Leeds United makes sense to a precious few. The lure of playing in the Premier League and getting that Premier League pay day would make any player think twice about staying in Serie A. The problem is when you have suited up for Juventus and played Champions League soccer, what does Leeds offer a player like that?

Reports have been swirling for the better part of two days, according to various sources Juventus, who have major accounting issues, need to raise funds and the USMNT midfielder is a prime transfer target. The transfer fee would be for a woefully low $27 million, when considering McKennie has been a top performer for Juventus and has played 65 matches and scored 8 goals. To boot the American had a very good World Cup, only adding to his market value.

Publicly McKennie has been praised by his coach Massimiliano Allegri and is considered a big part of the club. So again, with all that momentum why Leeds? And why would this move hurt McKennie in the long run.

Weston McKennie reportedly has agreed to personal terms, it’s up to the clubs now

As reported by various sources, Weston McKennie has said yes to the deal which came about after Juventus was keen to loan the USMNT midfielder with an option to buy. The list of possible destinations was interesting, Tottenham, long time admirers of Weston McKennie, Arsenal, and a return to the Bundesliga at Borussia Dortmund.

For the Weston McKennie camp a move to England will mean a higher salary above anything else and at 24 it may be time to cash in. Still, Leeds United is a club that has played terribly under Jesse Marsch, who has now gained the spotlight of next manager to be sacked after Frank Lampard was fired from Everton.

Leeds is nowhere near European competition sitting 15th in the Premier League not having won any of their last 5 league matches. The arrival of McKennie would be a major boost to a team that has difficulty creating chances and is prone to giving up weak goals.

On social media USMNT fans have met the move surprisingly favorably, but it also sets a poor standard as it would mean that three American players who only 5 months ago were accustomed to playing Champions League soccer are now playing for a club who won’t see European soccer for at least another year and a half. 

If going to Europe and playing the best is what USMNT fandom preaches, then leaving Juventus and going to Leeds is not that. It is a considerable step down for McKennie.

In the end if Weston McKennie does move to Leeds, it will be a soccer boost for a team struggling to gain any traction, an economic boost for Juventus as their whole season has been uplifted, and a major boost to Weston McKennie’s bank account.

When it comes to playing at the highest level, trading Juventus for this Leeds United team is like trading a crashed Mustang for a new GMC Syclone and that should be questioned if pushing for the best is what the USMNT, USMNT fans are all about.