Argentina have been expecting the Copa America 2021 for a long time, despite their previous continental campaign took place not long ago. Two years after coming up short and finishing third, La Albiceleste finally won the title to end a long drought.

Ever since being crowned in 1993, they struggled to get their hands on a trophy again and saw how Uruguay surpassed them as the tournament's winningest team. 28 years later, however, Argentina bounced back and tied La Celeste as the most successful side.

Throughout the Copa America history, they got used to winning the tournament. They did have a bad run, though, between 1959 and 1991, which remains their worst trophyless streak to date

All the Copa America titles won by Argentina

Argentina have had to wait to lift the trophy in the early years of the tournament, but they suddenly began to claim titles frequently. They were the most successful team alongside Uruguay for a long time, but La Celeste's two titles in the past 26 years momentarily gave them the edge until now.

Argentina won the 2021 Copa America. (Getty)

Argentina have won the Copa America 15 times, tied with Uruguay's 15 trophies. La Albiceleste's recent success in the 2021 edition ended a long wait as their previous victory came in Ecuador in 1993. Since then, they have even lost in four finals before winning the latest one.

The past 28 years seemed to be a nightmare for them in every attempt to win silverware, as they even struggled with Lionel Messi at his prime. Moreover, Argentina lost in two straight finals against Chile in the past decade, both of them on penalties.

However, Copa America 2021 has seen them finally winning a major trophy and tying Uruguay as the winningest side. Besides, they were able to do it with Messi leading the team, something that the soccer world was expecting to happen.