There are thousands of people doing anything to watch Lionel Messi play wherever he goes. Since his first match with Inter Miami, stars from various domains have shown their respect for the global star.

Joel Embiid was the latest to make sure he made a reference about Messi, who is set to play against Philadelphia Union in today’s Leagues Cup semifinals. The center of the 76ers is an icon in the city especially after recently being named MVP.

Embiid isn’t the only basketball player who has shown Messi respect. Most notably, LeBron James attended the Argentine’s debut with his new club, a match that also featured another legend like Serena Williams.

Joel Embiid Posts about Lionel Messi

Coming off the best season in his career, Embiid continues to be an important voice. When it comes to soccer, the center has always followed the sport. He has even tweeted multiple time in the past about Messi, calling him the best player of all times.

For this game, he has also sent some good vibes Messi’s way, but he made sure to pay attention to Philadelphia Union’s mission. Embiid posted: “Make sure y’all show love to the GOAT in our city tonight but let’s first get this dub #DOOP #Philly.”

Embiid appears to be in the middle of a strange situation with the 76ers. Amid the controversy around James Harden’s failed trade, he has removed Philadelphia from his bio recently. Despite the frustrations he might feel with Philadelphia, the big man sent some love to the city.