North American soccer has taken another important step with the announcement of an expanded Leagues Cup from 2023 onwards. Every team of the MLS and Liga MX will take part in this unique competition that will have the soccer world in for a treat.

The tournament will be held annually in a sort of World Cup style. For a month, both leagues will pause their respective campaigns so their teams can fully focus on this regional competition.

The reformatted Leagues Cup has already been officially sanctioned by Concacaf and it will grant three spots to the Concacaf Champions League, which will also be expanded in 2024.

Fans react to Leagues Cup expansion

The soccer rivality between the US and Mexico has plenty of exciting chapters ahead as the annual, month-long tournament will gather all 47 teams from the MLS and Liga MX in the battle for regional glory.

We've already seen how every time sides from these two leagues face each other there's plenty of excitement, so it's safe to say this tournament will hog all the spotlight during the month it takes place.

Social media went wild shortly after learning the news as fans all over the region can't wait for the competition to kick off. The MLS and Liga MX have taken their rivality to another level and we'll see a World Cup-style contest every year starting in 2023.