Though they are two of the most popular sports on Earth, soccer and basketball may not look that connected. However, they are more related to each other than what many people think. If not, ask Klay Thompson.

The 32-year-old has played a pivotal role in the Golden State Warriors' most successful era, winning four NBA championships with the team between 2015 and 2022. Apparently, the Dubs took a page out of Barcelona's book.

Following the Warriors' victory over the Los Angeles Lakers in the first game of the 2022-23 NBA season, Thompson revealed how Pep Guardiola's Barca inspired the Warriors dynasty in recent years.

Klay Thompson says Pep Guardiola's Barcelona influenced Warriors' tactics

“I give credit to Steve [Kerr], he came in and he had a vision just to keep that thing hot. He gave us the perfect example of FC Barcelona, they call it tiki-taka,” Thompson said, via Barca Universal.

“It’s just kick it to the open man and with us give it to the open man, keep it moving and it just plays to me and Steph’s [Curry] strengths so much,” the Warriors superstar added.

The tiki-taka was Barcelona's trademark style of play during Guardiola's tenure as head coach. Inspired by the soccer philosophy of Johan Cruyff and his Total Football, Guardiola's Barca embraced an offensive mindset based on possession and high pressing.

The Warriors, meanwhile, have created a three-point shooting revolution in basketball, with Thompson and Stephen Curry being the face of that change. According to Thompson, they owe part of it to Barcelona's tiki-taka.