Four years after his shocking departure from Barcelona, Neymar still feels comfortable in Paris Saint-Germain and has even committed to extending his stay until 2026. Besides his intentions of being the team's No. 1, it's no secret that the financial aspect is one of the main reasons why he joined PSG.

The French side showed how much it wanted the Brazilian star by acquiring him in a record-breaking, €222 million move, and also attracted him with a lucrative salary. Neymar may have suffered the team's failures to win the coveted UEFA Champions League but that could be over soon.

With Lionel Messi, Sergio Ramos, and other signings in a star-studded roster, it seems like PSG might finally have what it takes to succeed on every level. Neymar, however, won't only be rewarded for his work on the pitch. According to El Mundo, there's a bonus worth $7.7 million a year in his contract that depends on how he behaves off it.

Neymar's unconventional bonus in PSG for his behavior off the field

Needless to say, the Santos product has been Paris' highest-paid player since he set foot in the French capital in 2017. It made sense, he is one of the best players on the planet and there was no other way he would have left Barcelona if it wasn't for a better salary.

But what nobody imagined was that he would receive a significant bonus for his attitude off the field. El Mundo reported there's a secret bonus in Neymar's contract with PSG worth €541,680 ($642,941) per month  for being courteous, punctual, and friendly to fans.

Besides bringing a great player to succeed, PSG knew they were landing a world-renowned figure that would have to deal with signing autographs, jerseys, taking pictures, and they seem to have taken care of this aspect.

By this clause, Neymar is required to be friendly to fans before and after each game. But he also is disallowed from making negative comments about the team's tactics or the club. It's safe to say this isn't a traditional bonus but he will gladly take the money. At the end of the day, Neymar receives a fantastic extra paycheck just for being polite.

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