South America has a confederation called Conmebol made up of 10 members which includes big names like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, among others. The standings are usually dominated by Brazil and the other favorites from the region, but during the qualifiers anything can happen.

Conmebol, which governs the South American qualifiers, has a simple format for nations to play over 18 matchdays and earn direct qualification to Qatar 2022. But the fight within the standings is tough despite the easy format.

The level of play in the South American World Cup Qualifiers is high, with each game played as a big game for just three points. A victory can change the destiny of a team to play in Qatar 2022.

How many teams will qualify from South American for the World Cup?

In South America, 4.5 slots are offered to play in Qatar 2022, the top four teams in the standings receive direct qualification to play in the World Cup, while the fifth team gets one last chance to play in the inter-confederation playoffs.

How many stages do the World Cup Qualifiers have in South America?

The nations play a single stage with 18 matchdays so that the four best teams of the standings play in the World Cup. Each victory and defeat is important for all the teams, and a fifth team, as in other confederations, will play a member of the AFC before July 2022.