The Venezuelan national soccer team has a rocky road to get back into contention in CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifying, the team currently sits eighth in the standings, having won 1 game out of 4. Nonetheless it is still early, and Venezuela will try to make a push to get into qualifying positions.

In the middle of the year, Venezuela will partake in the 2021 Copa America in Group B against Colombia, Brazil, Qatar, Ecuador, and Peru. A tall order for the Vino Tinto but one they will have to meet head on since Venezuela knows all too well there is no forgiveness in CONMEBOL competitions.

While Venezuela has improved over the last decade, they have dropped their form as of late and will need to get back on track and that task is now in the hands of Portuguese coach José Peseiro of Sporting CP fame. Let’s take a look at the Venezuela National team schedule in 2021.

Venezuela vs Ecuador - March 25

Venezuela will look to get back into the dog fight of CONMEBOL World Cup qualifying when they play Ecuador at home on March 25. 

Perú vs Venezuela - March 30

Venezuela will travel to Lima and play Peru in their sixth World Cup qualifier on March 30.

Bolivia vs Venezuela - June 3

In a must win game for Venezuela, they will have to travel to La Paz to take on Bolivia in a game that will be virtually all or nothing for the teams World Cup hopes.

Venezuela vs Uruguay - June 8

Venezuela will host the always difficult and tricky Uruguayan side in the team's eighth World Cup qualifier on June 8th.

Brazil vs Venezuela - June 13

Venezuela kick off their Copa America group play against five-time World Champion Brazil on June 13th.

Colombia vs Venezuela - June 16

Venezuela will play co-host Colombia in Group B action in their second match in Copa America group play. The game will be played in Medellin, Colombia.

Venezuela vs Ecuador - June 20

Ecuador is Venezuela’s third opponent in Group B in the 2021 Copa America, the match will be played in Bogota, Colombia.

Qatar vs Venezuela - June 24

Venezuela will look to get three points against Qatar in their fourth game in Group B, the game will be played in Medellin, Colombia.

Venezuela vs Peru - June 28

Venezuela stays in Medellin and will play their final game in group play against Peru. The match will be on June 28th.

Venezuela vs Argentina - September 2 

Venezuela return to World Cup qualifying action on September 2nd against Argentina.

Paraguay vs Venezuela - September 7

Venezuela travel to Paraguay in their tenth game of World Cup qualifying. The match will be played on September 7.