It's official: the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games have come to a conclusion. These events took place between August 24 and September 5, 2021. Up next are the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games in 2022 and the Paris Summer Paralympic Games in 2024, respectively.

The outbreak of COVID-19 prompted the Paralympics to be postponed until 2021. Considering that Tokyo was under a state of emergency, the event had to be held behind closed doors without any real attendees. Tokyo hosted the Summer Paralympics, which were held for a record-breaking second time since the 1964 Games, and the third time after the 1998 Winter Games.

In Japan, more than 4,350 athletes competed in 22 different sports, including two new ones, during the duration of the nine-day event. Sailboat racing was replaced with badminton and 7-a-side football at the 2020 Paralympics.

Paralympics 2021: How many medals did the United States win in Tokyo?

The United States have managed to claim a total of 104 medals at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. The majority of them were gold medals (37), followed by 36 silver medals, and 31 bronze medals. This makes them the fourth best-ranked team at the Paralympics based on the total number of medals won. When it comes to the gold medal rankings, The US finished in third position thanks to the 37 gold medals they have won. 

After trailing China for most of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the United States ended up with the most medals. Athletes from the United States created history by breaking world records at the event, such as swimmers Anastasia Pagonis, Gia Pergolini, and Robert Griswold establishing records in the water.

While Nick Mayhugh smashed the 11-second barrier for the USA in the T37 100-meter sprint, Breanna Clark broke her own world record to take gold at T20 400 meters. About 66 percent of the US medals have been won by women, including 70 percent of gold medals. Despite the fact that women only make up around 42 percent of all Paralympians, the US Paralympics squad included more women than men for the first time ever.

Rank by total Team Gold medals Silver medals Bronze medals Total medals
4. United States 37 36 31 104