After the blow of losing his lightweight titles to George Kambosos Jr. in November 2021, Teofimo Lopez returns to boxing in a fight against an opponent who is hungry to make a splash and put his name on everyone's lips: Pedro Campa. 

This is a latent danger for Teofimo, as he may suffer from a lack of rhythm when he steps into the ring at Resorts World in Las Vegas, Nevada, next Saturday, August 13, in a Super Lightweight fight. In boxing, giving a timing advantage is a luxury that can be very expensive. 

Thus, Takeover Lopez, a native of Brooklyn, New York, has to be careful, because due to his boxing history and present, Pedro Campa could star in one of those boxing stories in which the surprise is the central theme that catches the audience. 

How old is Pedro Campa?

The nicknamed the Rock is in full physical and boxing maturity. It is known that in the ring, youth gives power but takes away sapience, and veteran gives wisdom but takes away reflexes. Campa is in the middle with his 30 years of age after being born on January 16, 1992 in Sonora, Mexico. 

How tall is Pedro Campa?

For the division in which he normally performs in boxing, Campa is a guy who has a natural physical advantage and that is his height. This allows him to mark a distance to his opponents simply by stretching his arm. His height is 5.9 feet or 1.75 meters. 

What is the weight class in which Pedro Campa fights?

There are boxers who are fortunate enough to quickly find their ideal weight in their career to develop it. Pedro Campa is one of them because he soon found that 140 pounds, that is, the Super lightweight class, was his niche. However, because of his height, he can also fight, and has done so, at Welterweight. 

What is Pedro Campa's boxing record?

The Rock has experience, much more than the talented Teofimo Lopez. He started his career in May 2011, so it is already 11 years of professional boxing. Although he has lost his unbeaten status, his record is more than interesting: 36 fights held, 34 won, 23 KOs, one draw and one loss (2017 vs Carlos Jimenez by TKO).

Pedro Campa's social media

Perhaps the biggest handicap against the Mexican boxer, as his notoriety in social media is still minimal compared to that of Teofimo Lopez. While the Takeover has more than 100,000 followers on his Internet profiles, Pedro Campa has barely 300 followers on Twitter, 4,000 on Facebook, and just over 3,000 on Instagram