The Brooklyn Nets stole all the headlines around the NBA during the season thanks to the offensive juggernaut they built. On top of having Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, they managed to get James Harden as well.

A lot of people questioned the Nets' ability to coexist and share touches. Also, they said that they weren't going to be good enough defensively to be as good as they want. So far, that hasn't been the case.

While the Nets aren't exactly a dominant defensive team, they haven't needed to play defense to dominate almost every single one of their rivals, and that's why Warriors star Draymond Green simply doesn't see any other team beating them this year.

Draymond Green Says No Team Can Outscore The Brooklyn Nets

"It's the best display of offense, we'll probably ever see in this league," Green said on NBA on TNT. "See, we're talking about those three guys, but Joe Harris will - who leads the league in three-point percentage, I think for the last couple of years... You know, you rotate it, and you swing it to Joe, so that's who you rotating off Kevin, Kyrie, or James. You got Bruce Brown, who makes a whole lot of difference doing all the dirty work, he plays the dunker as if he's a five. You got Blake (Griffin) who's got this resurgence, he's dunking the ball, he's all over the court playing the five for them. You know, when you look at this team, offensively, you're not going to stop them. You stop one guy, you get the other two going off. And I think their defense will be good enough because the reality is that other teams have to score as well and that's no so easy to do. So, when you're trying to outscore these guys - which teams are going to have to do - I can't see that happening."

Green has a valid point as per usual. The Nets are just good enough defensively to give their offense a chance to beat every single one of their rivals. With that three-headed monster, you know that they're not going to miss many shots.

Now, however, they'll match up vs. a team that got the best of them in the regular season in the Milwaukee Bucks. They have enough size and defenders to at least make it tough for them. But whether they'll be able to beat them 4 times out of 7, that's yet to be seen.