The NBA has millions of fans throughout the US, obviously, but all around the world as well. That started to happen due to a number of reasons, such as technology and internet development, globalization, and also as many superstars started to break through in the game and amazed anyone who catched a minute of their action.

Michael Jordan became in an even bigger figure than a great basketball player leading into a new brand, for example, while he broke multiple records being part of a dynasty with the Chicago Bulls that won six NBA rings. The competition had a massive growth and high-profile players continued to emerge, such as Kobe BryantLeBron James or Stephen Curry, among so many others. 

This tournament and many of their top players may be already well-known, but sometimes people may wonder how much does every game lasts, as they have particular rules different from that of any other sports. Here we'll take a look into how many minutes are in an NBA game.

How long do NBA games last

Every basketball match in the NBA has 48 minutes, which are split into four quarters, each of them lasting 12 minutes. In addition, there are 15 minutes of halftime between the second and the third quarter. This without taking into account overtime, which would be five extra minutes if both teams are tied at the end of the fourth quarter.

However, this doesn't show how much NBA games last really. Although these are the minutes of playing, there are several interruptions during the matches whenever there's a foul or shootouts and because it is common that teams call timeouts, for example, that make the length to be longer.

All in all, the clock usually doesn't avoid being stopped in this sport, due to the many interruptions that take place during every game. That's why the length of an NBA game is about 2 1/2 hours in average, although some matches could last longer, specially if they go to overtime.