Kyrie Irving is not only paying homage to Kobe Bryant on the court but he also wants the NBA to give more love to the Black Mamba, as he recently claimed on his Instagram account. The Brooklyn Nets star doesn’t forget about his mentor and he’s ready to keep carrying his legacy. 

Moreover, the 29-year-old wants the league to do more to remember the Los Angeles Lakers icon, giving him the maximum honor any player could receive from the association. KB24 meant a lot to Ky and all the players of his generation and his new proposal celebrates that. 

The 2016 NBA champion took to Instagram to ask the league to replace Jerry West, another Lakers legend, with Kobe Bryant as the logo of the NBA. This was something proposed last year but the commissioner made it clear that they aren’t planning to do any changes to the logo right now. 

Kyrie Irving urges NBA to make Kobe Bryant the new logo of the league 

"Gotta Happen, idc what anyone says," Irving wrote. "BLACK KINGS BUILT THE LEAGUE." Knowing the good relationship there was between Kobe and Irving, it’s not a shock that the point guard wants to see this, especially knowing how impactful Bryant was in his career. 

Vanessa Bryant liked this proposal and shared Irving’s post on her Instagram story, supporting the young man with "Love this @kyrieirving." This would be awesome to watch but the league thinks differently on this matter. 

Will the NBA make a change of logo in 2021?

Last year, NBA commissioner Adam Silver revealed that even though Kobe was great for everybody who saw him play and met him, the league isn’t planning to make him the new logo of the competition. He said there have been so many great players in the league who could also be good to become the new logo and that would be unfair for them. 

They did name the All-Star MVP trophy after Kobe, who won that honor a record four times. The Black Mamba won’t ever be forgotten and perhaps in a couple of years, Kyrie and NBA fans will see their wish granted.