Jabari Smith Jr is expected to be of the top prospects in the 2022 NBA Draft. The Auburn Tigers' freshman is set to make history as one of the top players for the next NBA Season, according to multiple scouting reports. In fact, he has already been compared to Kevin Garnett and Jaren Jackson Jr.

All of this might be surprising to many as he wasn't in the picture for the top picks before his freshman season. However, as it turned out, he has many tools to be a complete NBA player ahead of his time, kind of thing. 

Among his tools, his size is one of them. He is a 6-foot-10 player that weighs 220 pounds with a wingspan over 7-feet. This is an asset that not many current players NBA players have. If this adds up to his shooting ability and his defensive skills, its a diamond in the rough.

How Jabari Smith plays?

Jabari Smith played for the Auburn Tigers as a power forward. In his rookie season, he averaged 17 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists per game with a 43% in field-goal shots made. Afterwards, he decided to be available for this year's draft.

As mentioned before, his ability to shoot seems to come from a natural talent. Despite the type of shoot he decides to take, one thing is certain, the ball goes in the bucket. That's one side of his story. The offensive end gets him the attention, while the defensive end is where he gets the recruiters to take notes.

With an average of a block and a steal per game, Smith has quick instincts as a defender. His way of defending the perimeter its backed up with his size and widespan which as stated before, is something he clearly takes advantage of. Not to mention his high numbers as a rebounder with 7 per game.

Which team is most likely to select Jabari Smith?

According to multiple reports and mock drafts, Jabari Smith is predicted to be selected in the first round. In fact, Smith is predicted to be the first pick overall in the 2022 NBA Draft, this means he is most likely to be selected by the Orlando Magic on Thursday.