The 2022 NFL season is officially over for the Ravens. Baltimore fought until the end against the Cincinnati Bengals, but in the end, it was Joe Burrow and company who advanced to the divisional round. 

Now, everyone wonders what’s next for the team at the quarterback position. That hadn’t been a problem all these years, since Lamar Jackson was the answer to the question. But his future now looks up in the air.

Contract talks between the former NFL MVP and the Ravens have stalled, and it’s unclear whether there’s a chance they finally reach an agreement. Therefore, Jackson may have a lot of options on the table in 2023.

Baltimore Ravens

Of course, staying in Baltimore remains an option for Jackson. Selected in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft, the Ravens are so far the only team Lamar has played for in the league. Before the tension created by his contract situation, they were just perfect for each other.

However, Jackson’s intentions of staying may depend on Baltimore’s willingness to pay him what he wants. The easiest way would be to satisfy his demands, though that would mean committing to a five-year, fully-guaranteed deal. Jackson enters free agency in 2023, but the Ravens can simply put a tag on him before losing the QB for nothing. In that case, a trade could be on the cards.

New York Jets

The 2022 NFL season has shown the Jets are going nowhere with their current quarterback room. New York has significantly improved under Robert Saleh, but it looks like they’re just one dependable QB away from being a playoff team.

Woody Johnson has openly admitted the team will try and spend for a reliable signal-caller this offseason, therefore making the Jets a potential suitor for Jackson. Lamar is just 26, he’s looking for a lucrative deal and New York will probably do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Atlanta Falcons

The departure of Matt Ryan in 2022 left a huge vacancy in Atlanta, one that Marcus Mariota couldn’t fill. Desmond Ridder may have projection as the Falcons’ future quarterback, but that will probably take time.

Jackson, on the other hand, would automatically upgrade the position and make the team a serious threat. The Falcons would have to offer a hefty return, but sending Jackson to the NFC would be much better for the Ravens.

Las Vegas Raiders

Derek Carr’s exit means the Raiders will be active in the search of a quarterback in 2023. While their priority target seems to be Tom Brady, a potential availability of Jackson would make Las Vegas a team to watch too.

Landing the likes of Brady or Aaron Rodgers would give them a legitimate chance to challenge for the Super Bowl in the near future, but Father Time will probably catch up to them faster than to Jackson. Just like they had Carr in the past nine years, the Raiders could have in Jackson a franchise QB for the long term.