Cam Newton's first season in New England didn’t go as planned for the quarterback or his new team. The player failed to deliver with the Patriots, and even though he started the season pretty well, things fell apart for him after he picked an injury during the first weeks of competition. 

Nothing was the same for him or his team after that and the Patriots will miss the NFL playoffs for the first time in 11 years. That’s how dominant they were in over a decade and how great the duo of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick was for them. 

Now with Cam things didn’t work out as expected and the future of Newton is up in the air. Plenty of people speculate about the player’s future with the team knowing how bad the season was for him and the team. 

Cam Newton says he didn’t have the “luxury” Tom Brady had with New England Patriots 

After their Sunday victory over New York Jets, Newton spoke to the media, reflecting on his first season with the team, his plans for the next season but more importantly, what he thinks was the biggest difference between him and Tom Brady. Cam was honest and said he didn’t have the same knowledge that Brady had when he first started a game for the Pats. 

“I wasn't just following him (Tom Brady). I was following a system he had the luxury of being in for 20 years... Yeah, it was hard at times. It had nothing to do with him (Brady).”

Cam also said that the season was more of learning about everything and everybody not only for him but for the rest of the roster. He admitted that having second-year players as the oldest weapons was something that really marked the team. 

“Jakobi was really the veteran of that receiving group and he had only two years of experience... When you lose a guy like Jules... Now you're looking on guys who weren't even here last year and a QB who's learning the system like they are.”

This season finished with a win for Cam but the overall result wasn’t the best. The Patriots ended a cycle with Tom Brady last season and they’re still trying to figure out things before becoming a competitive team again. It remains to be seen if Cam will stay in Foxborough, but the player is hopeful they can get a deal done.