It's not unusual to see athletes be good in more than one sport. And, even though not all turn out to be Deion Sanders, most NBA, MLB, and NFL players grew up playing more than one sport, some even until college.

That's why it wouldn't be crazy to think that, given the right preparation and had they turned their attention to other sport, some of these athletes could've been as good -- if not better -- if they had chosen a different path.

That could've been the case with LeBron James, who was the number-1 ranked prospect in football when he was in high school. That, combined with his athleticism, strength, and size, makes some people wonder whether he could've made it to the NFL.

LeBron James Says The Seahawks And Cowboys Offered Him A Contract

The King even admitted that the Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys reached out to him during the NBA's lockout in 2011 to offer him a contract. Needless to say, he rathered stay unharmed in the hardwood:

“Jerry Jones offered me a contract also Pete Carrol did as well in Seattle during our lockout time,” James said. "If I would’ve had a better quarterback in high school, I might’ve continued to play football. I took way too many hits," James jokingly added.

Chiefs Star Travis Kelce Says LeBron Could've Been Good In The NFL

So, when asked about whether LeBron could've been successful in the NFL, Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce had his back. According to the tight end, his athletic skills would translate perfectly to the gridiron:

“1,000 percent man,” Kelce said on JJ Redick’s The Old Man & The Three podcast. “His athleticism just translates so well onto the football field. Not a lot of — the one thing that I’ve experienced being in the tight end room in Kansas City is we’ve actually had three, four guys come into the building as basketball — from just playing like straight college basketball and trying to make the transition into the tight end room cause the skill sets match up so well.”

“The biggest thing that I’ve seen is just guys in basketball are always on their toes, even when they’re sprinting, they’re on their toes, they’re not really taking big strides. And that’s one thing that I’ve seen out of LeBron. His strides are enormous when he’s running. And he knows how to play with acceleration, deceleration and things like that to kind of have his own tempo throughout the game. I think all of that stuff would translate perfectly onto the field. He’d probably just be the LeBron James of the NFL instead of the LeBron James of the NBA," he concluded.

At the end of the day, that's just wishful thinking and we'll never know for sure. But it's crazy to think that someone is so athletically gifted that he could've dominated in not one but two different major sports leagues.