The 2022 NFL season started badly for the Lions as they lost the first game of the season against the Philadelphia Eagles 35-38. But despite the loss, there was a big difference in the team's offensive line compared to last year.

Aidan Hutchinson is one of the key players for the Lions in 2022, he is part of the defensive line and as a defensive end so far he is playing as expected.

The Detroit Lions remain underdogs within their division (NFC North) which they share with the Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears. But the good news is that three teams have the same record of 1-1 and only the Vikings have a record of 1-0.

Aidan Hutchinson video for 5-year-old Hudson Gazsi (leukemia patient)

Before playing his second pro game in the NFL, Aidan Hutchinson recorded a video message to Hudson Gazsi, a 5-year-old, suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. There are four types of leukemia and most forms of the disease are treatable with a multi-drug chemotherapy regimen.

Aidan Hutchinson was a big college star playing for the Michigan Wolverines and during the NFL Draft all the teams were dying for him although it was the Lions that took Hutchinson as second overall pick.

So far Hutchinson has 9 tackles after only two NFL games, during Week 2 he set a new sacks record for the Lions franchise and he is expected to surpass other players like Aaron Donald of the Rams.