The list of the Most valuable NFL teams in 2021 may be difficult to understand, but this information is not based on super bowl rings. The value of teams in the NFL increases every year thanks to the work of the administrative offices of each team and the contracts that the NFL signs with television networks for the distribution of content.

Last year the NFL signed a $112.5B contract with the owners of the television networks (ESPN, DirecTV, Fox, among others), and that money is shared with the franchises of the league. These types of contracts, outside of the individual earnings of each team, make the value of each team increase a little more year after year.

This list may displease some fans, since the only thing they care about is the titles and victories of their teams. But this information is important, if a team in the NFL does not do well with finances, most likely they will move to another city as some teams have done looking for more money (Riders from Okland to Las Vegas).

List of 10 the most valuable NFL teams in 2021

The financial data on the list is the most recent for each of the teams in the NFL. Teams report their financial and income data to all media before the start of the new season.

Dallas Cowboys ($6.5B)

They are worth a lot of money and the last time the team was in a super bowl was over two decades ago. But Jerry Jones, owner of the franchise, is happy with the financial results beyond the titles.


New England Patriots ($5B) 

Things haven't changed after Tom Brady's departure, on the contrary now they are worth a little more money. In this case, the super bowl titles have helped a little for the team to gain more popularity and therefore have better income.

New York Giants ($4.85B) 

Four super bowl titles, they share the city with the Jets and thanks to being in one of the richest cities in the world the team joins the list as one of the most valuable franchises.

Los Angeles Rams ($4.8B)

Over the past couple of seasons the value of the Rams has risen considerably. They are the city's most valuable football team even though they share the city with the Chargers.

Washington Football Team ($4.2B)

Formerly called Redskins, they get in the list thanks to the fact that the team has an administrative office that looks for the best sponsorship contracts and they are located in the capital of the country.

San Francisco 49ers ($4.175B)

The team has a history tied to the city where they play. Five super bowl and seven conference titles. Besides that, the city of San Francisco is one of the richest in the country.

Chicago Bears ($4.075B)

This franchise was founded 100 years ago but they have won only one super bowl in 1985. The team is one of the NFC's worthies anyway, the last time they won the conference title was in 2006.

New York Jets ($4.05B)

The Jets enter the list despite having won a single super bowl more than 50 years ago (1968), but sponsorship contracts and ticket revenue have kept them among the franchises more valuable in the league.

Philadelphia Eagles ($3.8B)

The birds continue to dream of another super bowl title since they won the only one they have in 2017. But despite the pandemic they reported a 12% increase in revenue.

Denver Broncos ($3.75B)

Last season was bad for the Broncos, but earnings were better. They reported a 17% increase in revenue from last year (2020) compared to (2019).