Patrick Mahomes is a fantasy football powerhouse. Nevertheless, there’s a non-quarterback player who has averaged more points than the Kansas City Chiefs star after four games.

Every year, Patrick Mahomes is consistently among the players selected in the first round of every fantasy football league. While it’s uncommon for a quarterback to be chosen within the top picks, the Chiefs star is known for his exceptional reliability, making him a coveted choice for fantasy managers.

After four games of the 2023 NFL season, Mahomes is demonstrating to his fantasy team owners that their decision to select him was justified. Nevertheless, there’s a non-quarterback player who is consistently outperforming him week after week.

Christian McCaffrey averages more fantasy points than Patrick Mahomes

There’s no doubt that Patrick Mahomes is one of the best players in the NFL today. However, in terms of fantasy football, there’s nothing he can do against Christian McCaffrey.

Entering Week 4 of the 2023 season, Patrick Mahomes averaged 22.14 points per game, while Christian McCaffrey had a 24.10 average. However, things might drastically change after the fourth game of the campaign.

While facing the Arizona Cardinals, McCaffrey scored four touchdowns with 177 total yards. This gave him a total of 48.7 fantasy football points which will increase his average a lot this week.

Unless Mahomes has an exceptional game against the New York Jets, it’s probable that McCaffrey will maintain a significant lead over the Chiefs’ quarterback. There’s no denying that the San Francisco 49ers boast an exceptional running back, and his fantasy team managers are undoubtedly grateful for his performance.

What is Christian McCaffrey’s 40 time?

Christian McCaffrey’s time in the 40-yard-dash is of 4.48 and has a vertical jump of 37½”.