Rob Gronkowski was one of the best tight ends in NFL history winning four Super Bowls alongside Tom Brady with the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In 2022, the star announced his second and final retirement. “I will now be going back into my retirement home, walking away from football again with my head held high knowing I gave it everything I had, good or bad, every time I stepped out on the field.”

Now, in an incredible turn of events, Rob Gronkowski sounded very excited when asked about a possible return to the NFL. In fact, the former tight end believes he’s the only missing piece for the Miami Dolphins to become Super Bowl contenders.

At first, it all seemed like a joke. However, Gronk’s full explanation showed that maybe we might be ready for a possible surprise. Tua Tagovailoa and head coach Mike McDaniel should take notice.

Rob Gronkowski wants to play for the Miami Dolphins

Though the chances of coming back to the NFL are almost zero, Rob Gronkowski still fantasizes with a hypothetical return. That’s why, during an interview in the Ryen Russillo podcast, the former tight end answered which team he’ll pick right now to play on Sundays.

“Oh, man. First off, I would love the New England Patriots’ offense is my style of offense. Another crazy offense that you’re saying to this day that I would play in, I know that was a surprising answer, I would say it’ll be pretty cool to play for the Miami Dolphins on that offensive side of the ball.”

Will Rob Gronkowski come out of retirement?

Well, that’s a really a tough question to answer. At first, all signs point at no. However, Rob Gronkowski sounded really passionate explaining how he could be a key factor for the Dolphins to win the Super Bowl.

“It’s a whole different scheme. Mike McDaniel, he’s taken that style of offense. He’s implementing it to a whole other level. He’s taking what he has learned, he’s taken what he sees is a successful offense. He went out and got his guys. He needs speed. The only thing he’s missing is a tight end.”

So, if Gronk is truly considering this scenario, the star tight end for the Patriots and Bucs seems ready to get to work. Yes, it seems almost impossible, but, he sounds like a man just waiting for the call.

“I feel like I would be able to adapt to that situation. To where they could use me. To where all these wide receivers and everything are going all over the place and then there I am up the middle, just wide open. So, I think that would be a great fit and I would fit pretty well in it. But we would have to figure out schematically how I would fit. It would take a little bit. A couple of weeks.”

SURVEY Will Rob Gronkowski be a good fit for the Miami Dolphins?

Will Rob Gronkowski be a good fit for the Miami Dolphins?