Enzo Fernandez was the biggest story from the recent transfer window in Europe. After a very complicated negotiation, Chelsea got the biggest splash in the market paying a record breaking fee of almost $145 million. Benfica always put ahead the release clause, so, in the end, the Blues went all-in.

Of course, Benfica and their board members are angry because they're losing a star in the middle of the season. They never saw this coming when they signed him six months ago. Enzo Fernandez's market value went to the top, after extraordinary performances during the Qatar 2022 World Cup with Argentina.

Now, Enzo Fernandez makes his debut with Chelsea in the Premier League. However, the Portuguese club wouldn't stay silent. In the last hours, Benfica want to speak loud and clear about what they consider a treacherous move by Chelsea and the player.

Benfica's president slams Enzo Fernandez and his behavior

Benfica had enough of Enzo Fernandez. According to a report from Record, Rui Costa, the president of the club, had very strong words for the player during an interview with BTV.

"We lost a great player. Nevertheless, I'm not going to cry for a player who doesn't want to represent Benfica. I don't cry for players who don't want to be here. I was raised in this club learning to honour the jersey."

Rui Costa went further and gave some details about the talks with Chelsea. "On January 31, I put on the table the proposal that Chelsea buys him now and takes him in the summer. I wanted him to stay at least until the end of the season. We tried to explain him that he wouldn't lose value if he stayed up to that point. I also understand that the player had the fear of losing a huge offer."

The president of Benfica is clearly outraged by Enzo Fernandez's behavior towards the club. "When Chelsea got to the clause, there was just no way to convince him. It was a done deal. He showed no commitment at all to Benfica. As a fan, I didn't want this player anymore. The situation was also unsustainable in the locker room. That's when I made the decision. I'm sad, but I know I did the best for the club."