Soccer is not the only thing players think of. Besides the sport, they have other hobbies, and now PSG's centre back Sergio Ramos has revealed his unknown passion outside the fields.

Sergio Ramos arrived to France to play for Paris Saint-Germain in 2021. He signed with them as a free-agent in a blockbuster move that would improve the team's defense a lot.

After spending his first season injured, Sergio Ramos proved to be a solid player in Christophe Galtier's team. However, he doesn't know if he'll stay at France for one more season as his deal ends in summer.

Spanish defender Sergio Ramos shares his biggest passion besides soccer

Sergio Ramos' future is uncertain. As of today, it seems like PSG is not interested in offering him a contract extension, so he would become a free-agent this summer.

It is clear that soccer is his passion, but not the only one in his life. In an exclusive interview with Bolavip and, Sergio Ramos revealed which are his other interests, with a shocking revelation for his fans.

"I have always loved tennis since I was young," Ramos shared. "But maybe also music, and I'm also passionate for painting." It seems like the centre back is also a big fan of art.

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