Chicharito Hernández finally admitted, after many months of controversy, that an indiscipline cost him being called for the Qatar 2022 World Cup with Mexico’s national team.

The striker was living a great moment with LA Galaxy in the MLS prior to the tournament, but he hasn’t been considered to play for the famous Tri in more than two years since the polemic incident.

Now, Chicharito spoke loud and clear about a topic which sometimes in the press and social media was more important than Mexico’s performance on the field. Furthermore, Javier Hernandez made an incredible revelation about other player involved in the scandal.

Why Chicharito didn’t play in the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

Javier Hernandez ‘sacrificed’ himself to hide a teammate’s indiscipline and, as the most famous and recognized player in Mexico, Chicharito willingly paid the price. It was a shocking revelation during an interview with Fox Sports.

“Yes. I recognized it at the time (that he had an indiscipline). The problem is that there’s something I cannot talk about because then I would throw someone under the bus. I’m not going to do that. I made the decision. I assumed my role as a villain. I knew it was a price to pay for the mistake, but also for the decision I made for a teammate.”

Furthermore, Chicharito also claimed that many people inside Mexico’s national team took advantage of his controversial situation. “The problem is that there’s truly something very deep which has to be protected. That cost me the World Cup and I’ll keep protecting it. They blamed me of everything when other have done worse. Why me? I took the worst end of it. For many people this was very convenient. All the situation and the mistake.”

According to many reports, and now Hernandez himself, the reason why Chicharito didn’t play in the 2022 World Cup was an indiscipline during Mexico’s 2019 tour in the US. Though former coach Gerardo Martino never spoke about the incident, it occurred when the National Team played friendlies with the United States (New Jersey) and Argentina (San Antonio). The action was so severe and against the rules, a ‘silent veto’ applied to the star.