Juventus landed in Porto today trying to get a big win against the Dragons in the 2020/21 Champions League round of 16 but none of that happened. They looked like a very disconnected team that couldn’t take the ball to their rival’s area for their life. 

They made a lot of mistakes, were dominated by the Portuguese side, and even when they wanted to create something, the defenders were there to ruin their plans. That’s how the game went for them, that’s how they were beaten and now Andrea Pirlo will have the job to turn things around if he wants to keep competing in the UCL. 

The Old Lady lived a nightmare in Portugal and the aftermath of their 2-1 defeat was worse than that. Having Cristiano Ronaldo on the roster gives the Italian giants a lot of attention but when things aren’t going the right way, they receive a lot of hate for their comments.

Fans roast Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo after losing to Porto 

Just like they did with Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona, soccer fans took to social media to troll Cristiano Ronaldo and his team, trashing them for not winning against a team that are having a very bad moment in their domestic competition. 

The Zebras will have the chance to turn things around in two weeks. This series isn’t over yet but seeing their display today, the job will be hard to carry out if they keep playing this way. Having CR7 is always a plus for them but they need to play a lot better than this if they want to eliminate Porto, who will try to close things out in Turin.